Beachworn Moonrise Solid Gold Bail Green Sunrise Shell O'ahu Pendant Necklace - 14K Yellow Gold

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While not officially registered yet we aim to be a non profit benefiting the community of Ni'ihau shell artisans and collectors. We are selling limited quantities of high quality authentic Hawaiian shell jewelry to help maintain operation and to fund our upcoming documentary. Your purchase helps with everything from website development, hosting, research, camera equipment, editing and everything in between. We truly can not do it without your support!

This pendant is a one-of-a-kind naturally colored sunrise shell from O'ahu Hawaii.

The sunrise is a small size and is slightly beach worn on one side. It measures 21mm across at the widest point. It features a moonrise color with green white and yellow. Learn more about sunrise shells and other Hawaiian jewelry on our introduction page!

It is drilled and set with a solid 14K yellow gold bail. We use a plasma welder which heats up only the joint of the metal and never damages the shell. The ring is fully closed and secure. We wanted a solution to be able to wear a sunny every day and not worry about glue coming loose or wire wrapping coming undone in the surf. Since it is solid gold it also won't discolor or corrode in salt water. 

Different sizes, colors and chains are available. Contact Us inquire about a custom order.

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