Hot Pink Kahelelani Shell Ni'ihau Hawaii Miniature Wood Display Frame Collectable Handmade

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While not officially registered yet we aim to be a non profit benefiting the community of Ni'ihau shell artisans and collectors. We are selling limited quantities of high quality authentic Hawaiian shell jewelry to help maintain operation and to fund our upcoming documentary. Your purchase helps with everything from website development, hosting, research, camera equipment, editing and everything in between. We truly can not do it without your support!

This series of miniature displays were created as a solution to showcase a just a few unique shells at a time. They are made of solid wood, archival paper and naturally colored shells from the Hawaiian islands. Each is handmade and unique. 

The design features a dark wood frame and rainbow kahelelani from Ni'ihau. The frame measures just 1 7/8 inch by 1 1/4. It is very small. It has a stand so it can sit on a shelf or other special location. Contact Us to inquire about a custom order. 

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