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Where to Buy Niihau Shells

Explore cultural centers, jewelry stores and tourist shops to find authentic Ni'ihau & Hawaiian shell jewelry. Not all sellers are listed and some may have changed their inventory since they were added. Always contact the seller ahead of time if you are looking for a specific piece of jewelry.

Be aware not all shells are Ni'ihau shells. Kahelelani, momi or laiki gathered from other islands are not authentic "Ni'ihau" shells per Hawaii State Law H.B. 2569. All shells sold as Ni'ihau shells must contain at least 80% Ni'ihau shells and must be made in the State of Hawai'i. Sellers noted below with  "Recommend by Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation" are known to sell authentic Ni'ihau shell products. Always ask about authenticity before purchase.

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Museums & Cultural Institutions


Bishop Museum - Oʻahu - Recommended by Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation

Bishop Museum inspires our community and visitors through the exploration, celebration, and perpetuation of the extraordinary history, culture, and environment of Hawaiʻi and the Pacific.


Iolani Palace - Oʻahu

Iolani Palace, the official residence of Hawaii’s monarchy, is a marvel of opulence, innovation and political intrigue. Meticulously restored to its former grandeur, this National Historic Landmark in downtown Honolulu tells of a time when their Majesties, King Kalakaua, who built the palace in 1882, and his sister and successor, Queen Liliuokalani, walked its celebrated halls.


Queen Emma Summer Palace - Oʻahu

Queen Emma Summer Palace or Hānaiakamalama, was the secluded mountain-home and summer retreat of Queen Emma of Hawai‘i from 1857 to 1885, her husband King Kamehameha IV and their son, Prince Albert Edward. Queen Emma inherited the home from her uncle, John Young II, son of John Young I an advisor to King Kamehameha I. Situated in the coolness of Nu‘uanu Valley, the home was used as a retreat for the royal family to escape the oppressive heat of Honolulu.
Originally built in 1847, the Daughters of Hawai‘i acquired the home in 1915, narrowly avoiding the demolition of the house and construction of a baseball field on the grounds. The Territorial Government granted the Daughters the use of the home and 22,750 square feet of the grounds as long as the home was used and maintained as a museum. Hānaiakamalama is listed on the National Historic Registry and houses a collection of Queen Emma’s belongings, antiques, furnishings and royal regalia. Today the Palace is a historic landmark, museum, and tourist site preserved by the Daughters of Hawai‘i.


Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA) - Oʻahu

HoMA is a unique gathering place where art, history, culture and education converge, right in the heart of Honolulu. Whether you’re exploring our galleries, catching a film, or reawakening your love of art through a class, HoMA strives to be a vital part of Hawai‘i’s cultural landscape.


Kauaʻi MuseumKauaʻi 
In April 1954, a museum committee was formed by Juliet Rice Wichman as the chairperson and Dora Jane Isenberg Cole as a member. Mrs Wichman and Mrs. Cole raised the neccesary funds for a new building adjacent to the Wilcox library to house the Kaua`i Museum, and Kenneth Roerig was selected as the architect. On December 3, 1960, the Kaua`i Museum was officially opened to the public with Mrs. Wichman as the Director and Mrs. Cole as the Manager.


Maui Ocean Center - Maui -  Recommended by Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation
Since few people had experienced the true majesty of the oceanic world, they didn’t know what could be lost.

Kahn partnered with the renowned reef biologist David Fridman to create Coral World, an underwater observatory that gave people a diver’s view of the Red Sea and its magnificent reef life.

A strong advocate for marine ecosystems, Coral World evolved into an international operation with marine parks worldwide: Coral World St. Thomas, Coral Island Bahamas, AQWA and Oceanworld in Australia, Palma Aquarium in Mallorca and Maui Ocean Center in Hawai‘i. Our team passionately loves the ocean and ocean-based cultures.

Since Maui Ocean Center opened in 1998, we have worked to protect Hawai‘i’s remarkable marine life. We offer unparalleled encounters with amazing oceanic creatures, some of which exist only here in Hawai‘i. We care for one of the world’s largest collections of live Pacific corals. Our exhibits and educational programs are designed to inspire Hawai‘i residents and visitors with fresh appreciation for our surrounding sea and local culture.


Gift Shops & Tourist Attractions 


Hawaiian Trading Post- Kauaʻi - Recommended by Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation

Since 1985, Akiko and her daugher, Liz, perpetuated their love for the arts, specifically the art of Ni’ihau Lei making.
Fast forward to today, Elizabeth Cope, is said to be one of the most revered Ni’ihau Shell Lei retailers as well as one of the most captivating private collectors of this fine art. Full of knowledge and love, Liz enjoys sharing stories of Ni’ihau and its artisans along with vast knowledge about the Ni’ihau Shells.
From her private collection, to her in-store display, Liz has been known to have the largest collection pass through her hands and has been told that her collection rivals the Bishop Museum in quantity and quality.
Authentic Ni’ihau Shell Lei’s are the only shells in the world that are insurable. Collectors travel from across the world to hand pick their next piece. Visitors stumble across the history and stories and fall in love with the heritage and sail home with truly “a piece of paradise”. Whether you are an investor or admirer. We have a piece for everyone.
Havaiki Oceanic & Tribal Art  - Kauaʻi -  Recommended by Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation

Havaiki art gallery is a small family-owned business located in the beautiful town of Hanalei on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. We have been in business for 14 years and represent over 400 artists from the island nations of the pacific ocean. We chose Havaiki as our name because it is the legendary mystical homeland of the Polynesian people.


Niʻihau Helicopters - Kauaʻi - Recommended by Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation

We specialize in 1/2 day excursions to Niihau Island, Hunting Safaris for wild boar, wild sheep, Eland Antelope, Auodad Sheep and your source for Authentic Niihau Shell Jewelry.


JJ Ohana - Kauaʻi - Recommended by Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation

This is the project that I have been working on since December of 2007.  I started with an idea and a small 400 square foot shop and have expanded to about 1100 square feet in the same location.  I have an expanded selection of what you have come to expect and have added more locally made arts and crafts from around Hawaii.


Auntie Lynda's Gifts - Kauaʻi - Recommended by Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation

Lynda has enjoyed a 30 year career on Kauai serving locals and visitors alike with all types of Hawaiian Jewelry and souvenirs. She is the buyer and prides herself on searching out unique and affordable gifts of all kinds.


Maui Hands - Maui (Lahaina, Makawao, Paʻia, Wailea) - Recommended by Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation

There is no better place on Maui to find that special piece of local artwork. It’s a real voyage of discovery! Maui Hands is the creative efforts of 300 local artists working in every conceivable medium and style. Fine art, prints, photography, woodwork, ceramics, blown glass, furniture, sculpture, linens, and a large selection of fine and casual jewelry are all there, as well as the largest collection of Ni’ihau shell lei on the island. Each gallery is a pleasant place to visit, full of interesting and eclectic pieces in every price range.


Harbor Gallery - Hawaii

Representing over 200 Big Island artists since 1990, with a full presentation of mediums including wall art, sculpture and Koa wood furniture, Harbor Gallery offers worldwide visitors and local friends a chance to browse the best in local artwork.


 Aloha Pearls - Oʻahu

We import Tahitian Pearls straight from the crystal-clear lagoons of French Polynesia. Over the last 10 years of working with Tahitian pearl farmers and auction houses in Tahiti we are able to give our clients a large selection of pearls to choose from with competitive prices and excellent quality. We strive to be a leading Tahitian Pearl Wholesale company for Hawaii and the mainland USA. 


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Individual Artisans

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