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Discover easy and convenient online businesses and individuals selling Ni'ihau and Hawaiian shell jewelry online. 

Be aware not all shells are Ni'ihau shells. Kahelelani, momi or laiki gathered from other islands are not authentic "Ni'ihau" shells per Hawaii State Law H.B. 2569. All shells sold as Ni'ihau shells must contain at least 80% Ni'ihau shells and must be made in the State of Hawai'i. Sellers noted below with  "Recommend by Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation" are known to sell authentic Ni'ihau shell products. Always ask about authenticity before purchase.

Do you sell Ni'ihau shell jewelry? Contact Us with details for listing consideration. Our goal is to promote practicing artisans of all types, do not hesitate to reach out!

We are not affiliated with any listed businesses and do not make a commission on sales. This is a directory only and we hold no liability for any sales or purchases between parties.


Traditional Style Hawaiian Shell Jewelry


Maui Hands - Online - Recommended by Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation

Artisans create their own beautiful designs, yet follow tradition weaving patters to craft culturally rich, wearable pieces of art. We hope you will come to appreciate Ni'ihau shell jewelry as much as we do!


Shells Hawaii - Online

Made with aloha by Janjira! We only use shells with the highest luster and color. Our shop features a variety of finished jewelry, loose shells and we are always happy to create custom designs. Also visit our website Shells Hawaii.


Kaua'i Curators - Online

Ni'ihau shell lei are one of Hawaii's most authentic and sought after treasures. Collected from the beaches of the forbidden island and painstakingly cleaned and sewn together is a legacy unique to it's culture. These are the only shell in the world insurable as a gemstone but more importantly, a signature of the beauty and labor of each unique Hawaiian Leimaker. Every Ni'ihau shell creation we offer is made with care and selected for quality and originality.


Hawaii Jewelry Stamps & Collectables - Online

Remember kauai, 35 years of experience including 5-stores. Specialist in Hawaiian stamps, jewelry, 100% Ni’ihau shell leis from Ni’ihau strung by Ni’ihauans and various art and collectibles, especially Hawaiiana.


Ocean Jewels By CG- Online

I make Hawaiian Inspired Heirloom Shell Jewelry with Aloha in each piece. I use quality materials and authentic Hawaiian Shells from the forbidden island of Niihau. My goal is to provide a beautiful Hawaiian Heirloom for your Ohana at a reasonable price.


Tropic Isle Music & Gifts - Online

Painstakingly hand-gathered, prepared, and sewn by the people of the Forbidden Island of Ni'ihau, these unique necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are sure to become priceless family heirlooms.


Kauai Shells And More - Online

I collect and create all you see in my shop. I gather all my shells on Kauai, Hawaii. I have spent many hours on the beaches of Kauai picking shells, this is a very tedious art form that not that many people do anymore. I work mainly with Kahelelani shells, Puka shells, Cone shells, Sunrise shells and Island seeds. I can custom make just about anything and love new ideas. I do not sell in shops or markets anymore. I hope you enjoy my work.


Maui Pua Lani - Online

Authentic Hawaiian jewelry and satin ribbon leis handcrafted here on the island of Maui. Please enjoy browsing our shop and our beautiful, locally sourced aloha shell jewelry and our fun, lovely satin ribbon leis!! 

Mahalo for visiting and shopping small businesses, we are grateful for your support!!!


Ha'aheo, Hawaiian Crafts -Online

We are a Hawaiian owned, local business that specializes in unique, hand-crafted products that are made in Hawaii. Located on the island of 'Oahu, we sale primarily at craft fairs, public events, and fundraising events. We currently specialize in Ni'ihau shell lei, Seed lei, and Lauhala Weaving. Most, if not all, products sold on this site are handmade by us.

​We are just two young entrepreneurs who truly believe in continuing the traditions of our ancestors while also making it a successful business. We endeavor to inspire other youth to pick up a Hawaiian craft or art form and start their own businesses in our journey of knowledge and understanding of our ancestors in this modern day time.


Duang Chinda Of Hawaii - Online

Fine finished shell jewelry available on Etsy.


Pieces of Aloha 808 - Online

Native Hawaiian shell jewelry on Etsy.


Modern Style Hawaiian Shell Jewelry


Pūpū 'o Molokai -Online

Creator and artisan making traditional style Hawaiian shell jewelry with a modern flair. Using lustrous shells from the shore of Molokai island each piece is carefully designed and strung with the utmost care and skill.


Not So Shy Gems - Online

Gold fill Hawaiian shell & gemstone jewelry. Custom orders available!


Waves Of Change Hawaii - Online

All of the sea shells and sea glass I use to create custom jewelry is found right here in Hawai'i. All of the sunrise shells I use do not have drilled holes to maintain the shell's integrity. Instead, they are carefully hand-wrapped in gold filled or sterling silver wire to hold them in place.


Loose Hawaiian Shell Dealers


Its a Shore Thing Kauai - Online 

Welcome to my little ohana shop! Here, you’ll find a great selection Hawaiian seashells, genuine sea glass and unique one of a kind gifts. Each item is offered with aloha and kuleana (responsibility) to our home, environment and others. We’re honored to support makers, artisans, collectors, beachcombers and sea glass lovers Thank you for your consideration! Enjoy browsing our small, ohana shop!


Sunrise Shells Wholesale - Online

We find, clean and offer beautiful high quality authentic Hawaiian Sunrise Shells. Sunrise Shells Wholesale offers a large collection of sunrise shells, in different prices based on the quality of the shell, to our customers. We take pride in our Customer Service and Sharing Aloha.


Shell Works Kauai - Online

Loose shells from Kauai offered on eBay.  


North Shore Shells - Online

Twenty three years of custom jewelry design ~ small-business owner. I dive for all the seashells in the beautiful waters off Oahu's North Shore - and I do all kinds of custom work. Specializing in sunrise shells, wire-wrap and seashell carving and design.


Affiliated Businesses


Lei Kinis 'aukai - Hawaiian Style Swimwear 

Hawaiian beach essentials and swimwear featuring Ni‘ihau shell and other island prints. Hand designed and produced in small batches. Support local!


Mayan Llanera Art & Design Co - Digital Artist

Handmade with Aloha custom illustrations made by yours truly. One of a kind artwork that is a perfect gift for yourself or fo your loved ones. Each artwork is thoughtfully created to make you feel empowered and full of Aloha.


Spoonflower - Online Fabric Store

All designs are by independent artists who can earn royalties from every sale. Featuring Ni'ihau shell & Hawaiian patterns.


Hina Hawaii - Online Clothing Store With Shell Lei Prints

Original prints with mana'o. Designed and made with aloha in Hawai'i.

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